NYPD Accused Of Targeting Muslim Americans In Alleged Ethnic Profiling Operation October 07 2011, 0 Comments

In August, the Associated Press broke a story about the NYPD scrutinizing Muslims based on ethnicity. One such program, the "Moroccan Initiative," cataloged the activities of an entire Moroccan community. Businesses were photographed, with notes taken in reference to their clientele.   Last Thursday at a City Council meeting, NYPD Police Commisioner Raymond Kelly fielded questions in reference to these programs. He defended the operations, using the September 11th attacks as a basis for the implementation of new, aggressive community mapping programs to stop imminent threats.   "Establishing this kind of geographically based knowledge of the city's communities saves precious time in deterring fast-moving plots," he said.   Apparently, not everyone is happy with the NYPD operating independently in these matters without supervision. Lawmakers in New York and Washington have requested that both the U.S Department of Justice and New York attourney general investigate these programs.   These programs were actually developed by a senior CIA officer, while still on the CIA payroll. An investigation is determining whether or not this was inappropriate. One NYPD detective was actually trained in espionage tactics at a CIA spy school as preparation for an initiative. Recently, another CIA officer was dispatched to work closely with the NYPD on these clandestine programs.


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Via: ABC News