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960H Security Camera Resolution Explained Compared to D1 Resolution July 14 2014, 0 Comments

960H means that a product can produce or record video footage at a resolution of 960 pixels by 480 pixels (960 x 480). The 'H' refers to the fact that 960 is the number of horizontal pixels. MORE . . .

Thinking of purchasing an Infrared Security Camera? July 08 2014, 0 Comments

Solving Infrared Security Camera Problems

Infrared security cameras need to work reliably during both day and night. A DVR system is useless if it's cameras don't operate consistently and efficiently. Here's a list of solutions for problems you may encounter with your infrared security cameras.

Choosing The Best Camera

Before troubleshooting, we need to make sure you're using the best camera to meet your needs. Focal length, IR distance, enclosure, and resolution should all be considered when choosing a camera. MORE . . .

What is a Bullet Security Camera? May 02 2014, 0 Comments


Bullet security cameras usually come with a 3.6mm fixed lens which provides a 70 degree angle of view---the widest angle possible without distortion. Up to a distance of about 35 feet, it's possible to see distinguishing facial featuresInternally, there's no difference between bullet cameras, dome cameras, etc. The chassis is designed differently to allow for convenient mounting in applications where a dome or other chassis' wouldn't be ideal. Wall and ceiling mountable, they usually come with a mounting bracket, and 12V DC adapter