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Snapchat has admitted they deceived users and settled charges with the F.T.C. May 08 2014, 0 Comments

It appears that those Snapchat messages and videos sent by users did not totally disappear l like they said they would. They can either be saved by 3rd party apps or can be saved with workarounds on your phone. Also Snapchat sames your location information and contacts on their servers for data collection. 

If a company markets privacy and security as key selling points in pitching its service to consumers, it is critical that it keep those promises,” Edith Ramirez, the chairwoman for the Federal Trade Commission, said in a statement. “Any company that makes misrepresentations to consumers about its privacy and security practices risks F.T.C. action.




Make sure your video security is connected to a secure WIFI connection May 04 2014, 0 Comments

Most people that have a video surveillance system installed in their home also have it connected to the Internet so they can remotely log-in to it when they are away from home. This is a great feature but you need to make sure you have it connected to a secure WIFI network so thieves and hackers can't also see your video feeds.


"{But local security and computer experts say you need to take some steps to secure your system from hackers before packing your bags.}"



New images of pre-releases iPhone show the 5.5-inch Phone May 03 2014, 0 Comments

Below you will see the images of the mockup of the soon to be release 5.5" moster sized iPhone. These are of a no working model that was just made of plastic resin.

"{This smartphone has a "protruding" camera at its back. It’s not especially likely that this iPhone would follow suit with the iPod touch, but depending on how powerful said camera is, it’s possible. It’s also strange that this device would do away with the dual-LED flash employed on the iPhone 5s - another clue that this might be the "c" version of the smartphone.}"