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HD-CVI Camera

HD-CVI means High Definition Composite Video Interface it is a DSP technology that was developed Dahua in China to solve some of the problems with HD-SDI such as the shorter lengths of cable it works with. HD-CVI security cameras offer:

  • 1080P or 720P( 25/30 fps) video signal (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) Resolution
  • No video or signal loss at 500 meters distance
  • Transmission of video over coax at 300-500 meters
  • Real-Time Preview with zero delay
  • Transmit video, audio, data over the same coax cable. This will allow you to hear the camera microphones and control PTZs and OSD menus without another set of wires like analog
  • Can use existing analog CCTV cameras system cable to upgrade to HD-TVI. It will even work over analog baluns