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LCD BNC Monitors for CCTV

Mammoth Technologies is a direct supplier of BNC monitors with LCD display used for CCTV video display. Our CCTV monitors have BNC video input and BNC loop outputs. A BNC monitor is commonly used in CCTV installations to display video output from surveillance DVRs, video multiplexers, color quad processors, and directly displays from CCTV cameras. Because our CCTV monitors have a BNC loop out, installers can connect a camera directly to the input of the monitor, then use the loop output to run the video signal back to a DVR. This is very convenient in cases where you want to mount a spot monitor close to the camera and also want the video signal to feed a DVR or other device. This type of application is typically seen in department store entrances and public building entrances so that customers are aware that the area is under video surveillance. Our BNC monitors are compatible with both NTSC and PAL video standards. The BNC inputs on the monitor detect the video standard of the input device and automatically switch to NTSC or PAL.

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