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Vandal-Proof Cameras

Security Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Vandal Proof Security Cameras provide an added layer of security for surveillance applications that are pivotal. While no guarantee can be made that a camera won't be vandalized, Vandal Proof Security Cameras make it extremely difficult to do so. Vandal Proof Security Cameras are enclosed in heavy duty metal shells, with virtually unbreakable glass covering the camera lens and LEDs. Vandal Proof Cameras are most effective when they blend into the background, and are placed in difficult to reach places. This is due to the fact that while the camera is vandal proof, the structure the camera is attached to is not, necessarily.

Vandal Proof Security Cameras are primarily dome cameras, and don't portrude from surfaces in the same way that bullet and box style cameras do. Because of their lower center of gravity and short height, they are less susceptible to damage than their counterparts. The smooth glass covering the lens and LEDs make it difficult to obstruct the camera's view as well. Coupled with proper placement, it's extremely difficult to prevent Vandal Proof Security Cameras from capturing footage.