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At Mammoth Technologies we provide FREE USA based tech support for the lifetime of your product. If you need help setting the system up on the Internet or just help will how to connect everything up just give us a call and we can help you. We have been in the surveillance industry for over 10 years and are extremely knowledgeable on both systems we sell and other that are on the market. If you have any question feel free to call us during our normal business hours.

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All the products we sell are designed to work with each other. We have tested everything to make sure installation is simple and easy. In addition, we include an easy to follow instruction manual written by us in plain English. You will not receive a manual that has been written by someone in China or overseas. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. For example if you happen to buy a camera and you need a different style don't worry about it we will be able to exchange it for you for free. Also to make sure you have a trouble free install we test all the product before it is shipped out to you.

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We have one of the best warranties on the market which is 3 years from the date of delivery. If any part becomes defective during this time we will replace it with the same or comparable part. This is a longer warranty than most in the security industry because we stand behind our products we sell. Also we make is easy to send back the defective item to us with a prepaid label.

Software Demo

To view with Internet Explorer:

1. In IE browser address line type in the following URL:
2. Internet Explorer will ask you to download a ActiveX plug-in.
3. Download the plug-in. (If it downloads the plug-in fine go to step 10.)
4. If the plug-in does not download because of security issue. You may need to adjust your security setting in Internet Explorer
5. Click on Tools at the top of the page and select Internet Options.
6. Click on the Security Tab and then click custom levels
7. Under where is says settings scroll down till you hit the ActiveX Controls and plug-ins section.
8. Make sure all the options under the ActiveX plug-ins are either Enabled or is set to Prompt.
9. After you save these setting refresh the page and you should be able to download the plug-in.
10. Refresh the Page after downloading the plug-in.
11. You should now see the graphical user interface (GUI) for the remote software.
12. First select 16 screens which is the icon below the logout screen. There should be 16 blue boxes on the screen now.
13. To login now you need to have user name: demo and the password: demo1234.
14. Now you are connected you should see the video.

To view with remote client software

1. Click link to download client software. Client software link Download Here
2. Unzip and install Client Software
3. Run client software click on settings
4. Under "Connect Server Info" click Add.
5. Server name: Test DVR, IP Address:, Connect Port: 5100, User ID: demo, Password: demo1234, everything else leave at default.
6. Click OK, and then Save
7. On right side the "Test DVR" should show a blue computer icon. Click below were is say "Con. ALL"
8. All the cameras should connect now.

iPhone Demo

1. Download iphone app and install it. Click Here
2. Settings required IP address: , Port: 5101, User: demo, Password: demo1234
3. Click Login. If it does not log in someone else by be logged in. Try again later or call us and we will setup a user name and password for you.